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Wielton S.A. is one of the five largest producers of semi-trailer and trailers in Europe and is among the ten largest global manufacturers in the industry.

Choose a bank loan, commercial loan or leasing out of financing options available on the market of your investments.

It is most important, to find a form of which exactly matches your capabilities and expectations. Some may prefer a loan and leasing may be the better option for others. And then the next customer will come and pay cash. Let’s see, which particular option is best.

Operating lease

An operating lease is treated as a service. In this case the tax shall be included in each lease instalment and the customer can deduct it. Importantly, leasing instalments constitute deductible expenses for the customer. Greatly simplifying, you might say that an operating leasing is a type of rental. The contract specifies the required terms, such as the duration of the leasing and conditions of pre-emption after contract expiry, including the price. Operating leasing does not affect the creditworthiness of the customer.

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Financial lease

In this case, from the time of signing the leasing contract the customer is the owner of the semi-trailer – so they can make deductions for depreciation. The agreement specifies the instalments, which consist of two parts: a principal and interest. Interest is interpreted as deductible expenses, whereas the principal reduces after tax profit. Financial lease can be thought of as a supply of goods. Importantly, the customer pays all the VAT in advance. Of course, the client incurs trailer operating costs.

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In most cases, loans are taken out for a particular purpose – the customer indicates specifically the investment they want to finance. On the one hand this format involves more formalities than leasing, and on the other hand, it gives the customer the ability to make an early repayment or to temporarily suspend repayments. Also, as at the time of purchasing, the customer is the owner of the trailer, loan security is required. An appropriate entry on the insurance policy is the most common.

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Spare parts

Original wielton spare parts help preserve optimum vehicle

Order parts

Offering the same parts as used in the production of new products, we guarantee that your vehicle will remain a cost-effective and efficient means of transport throughout its lifetime.

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