COVID – 19

Ladies and Gentlemen,

For many weeks we have been monitoring the coronavirus pandemic situation globally and in individual countries where we are present. We have also implemented a number of procedures and measures aimed at strengthening the safety of our employees. Due to administrative restrictions imposed by some countries and the scale of the pandemic, Wielton Group companies have recently had to reduce their operations. This includes Fruehauf SAS in France, Lawrence David in the UK and Viberti Rimorchi in Italy, as well as assembly plants in Russia. In addition, many of our key suppliers have informed us that they cannot continue to provide services and deliver according to our orders. Timely delivery of products of the highest quality that will reliably serve our customers has always been our priority. However, the pandemic and its impact on the social and economic life, supply chains collapse, threat to the safety of our employees and business partners prevent the continuation of the production process. This force majeure event forced us to decide to temporarily suspend production at the Wieluń plant as well. Production will be stopped on 6 April and restarting is subject to normalisation of the epidemiological situation and stabilization of component supplies necessary for the production process. We would like to use the temporarily suspend production to carry out a number of modernisation and optimisation activities that will increase the efficiency of the production process in our plants. All these measures will allow us not only to resume production after the break, but also to significantly increase its efficiency. The coronavirus pandemic is hitting the global economy in a way that has never been seen before. We are aware that information about production stoppages in Wieluń may affect your business plans. However, we would like to assure you that we are committed to resuming our production as soon as possible and implementation of orders placed so far. We hope that the measures taken by the governments of European countries contribute to the rapid control of pandemic and allow  to resume production in all our plants, as well as return of your companies to normal work.

We would like to kindly inform you that our sales representatives are at your disposal during the period of suspend production and the Customer Service Department and the “Widoradz” Trailer Point are ready to serve you in new business hours. At the same time, we announce that the Factory Service and After-Sales Service Department in Wieluń will not be at your disposal, while authorized service centers and Assistance 24/7 operate with certain restrictions. We assure you that we will keep you informed about all changes and return to work dates. The next information from our website will appear at the end of April.

In this difficult time, we wish you health and perseverance.