CareersProviding employment for 1100 people we are one of the biggest employers in the area. Due to this fact we are obliged to maintain high standards as far as our staff development program is concerned. We are also highly concerned about creating healthy, safe and employee-friendly working conditions.

As for the work environment we encourage clear rules of action, open dialogue, teamwork projects involving people who represent different departments and areas of knowledge. Thus creative people who can support their ideas using a solid, substantive analysis will easily find their way in our company.

Since the beginning the company has entrusted its employees with responsibility for key tasks and enabled them to perform various functional and operational roles, which has provided the staff with the opportunity for personal and professional development.

We train the personnel of all departments, at every level of the organization. We provide not only technical training courses but also those which are aimed at developing our workers’ interpersonal and social skills. As part of the Language Academy we have been organizing professional language courses (mainly English and Russian) for over two years now.

Thanks to our in-house recruitment, employees who exhibit outstanding performance and show commitment to their work get promoted reaching managerial and specialist positions.

Our highly skilled personnel are well-prepared to respond to the new challenges of the market.

As a socially responsible company, we support young people in gaining their first work experience. We are implementing the in-house internship program “Startuj z Wieltonem” (“Start with Wielton”) which is intended for graduates of technical studies. We are also funding student placements as part of the all-Polish project “Grasz o staż.” It is the most prestigious competition on the academic job market in Poland. Thanks to this competition students and graduates gain relevant work experience.

We are continually striving to follow our effective HR management policy.